Welcome to this FREE practical guide for ethics teachers!

There will be something of interest here to anyone teaching ethics. Whether an experienced philosophy tutor or new to teaching ethics, a philosopher or a colleague from another discipline, we are all looking for new ways to inspire our students to achieve success and engage them in taking a critical approach to the study of ethics.

The teaching strategies described here have been developed through my experience of teaching ethics to a wide demographic of students, from philosopy undergraduates and postgraduates, to medical students and policy makers. I hope you will enjoy exploring this site and finding out more about the strategies shared here.

The information is listed under three headings. Feel free to browse or start with the Introduction for an overview of the site and how to use it. In A bit of theory  you will find discussions on the nature of philosophical teaching, curriculum design and ideas for assessment. In Strategies for small group teaching, the main part of this website, you will find templates and examples of how to structure small group ethics teaching sessions. 

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